Sad news

Dear Friends,
As many of you may have already heard or seen, the building directly to the east of our community garden collapsed and has completely buried the garden.  No one was hurt, which we are incredibly thankful for. Sadly though, our wonderful garden has been mostly destroyed and is closed until further notice.

We had a significant amount of support from various city agencies on the scene yesterday evening.  The Executive Director of GreenThumb said it was a great sign that there were so many people from the Parks Department visiting the site.

We spoke with representatives from Parks & Recreation at length about what the next steps are for the garden and they were quite optimistic that we would have our garden back sooner than expected.  Parks & Rec is committed to helping us rebuild and “bring it back better than it was before”.  We will, of course, keep every one up to date on any information we get from the Parks Dept.

Many of us were out on the street last night talking with the various crews from the Department of Buildings and the Fire Department; they were all incredibly sympathetic to our asks to preserve as many trees in the garden as possible.  We were able to get into the site and pull out the apple tree, just in case the bulldozers aren’t as delicate as we hope they will be.  We were also able to save the bulletin board, although it had to be cut, rather than dug out.

Crews began clearing the site at 11pm last night, worked straight through and finished around 6:30 Saturday evening.  There is currently a wooden fence around the garden and we don’t know when we’ll be able to get back in.

I think I speak for many of us when I say this is a truly awful event, not only because of all the hard work we’ve put in but because our garden is truly a special place for the block and the community. We’ve been brought together by the garden and its given us many happy times.  But I also know that this is DEFINITELY not the end of our garden and that we will come back from this event better than ever.

We will find a time soon to meet and give each other hugs and talk about next steps.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions.