Garden Rebuild Update

BA & Garden Members,

We are ready to begin rebuilding the New West 123rd Street Community Garden with your help!

GreenThumb has confirmed that a purchase order has been issued for all of the items on our list.  Scott Ahlborn is coordinating the delivery of those items starting with bluestone for the patio area and sand for underneath the stone.  We will also be able to begin building the new garden boxes, after which new soil can be delivered to fill those and top dress the entire garden.

We are scheduling a garden cleanup for the weekend of August 9, 10 and 11.  We are renting a 20 yard dumpster that will allow us to clear the remaining debris, dead trees and weeds from the garden. The dumpster will only be available for those days and be removed on Monday, August 12.

We are asking for everyone’s help to clean up the garden so that we can continue the rebuild process.  The clean up will run from 9am-6pm (we can go till sunset if people are available after 6pm) each day, and we’ll need all the arms and legs we can muster.

If you are available to help with the clean up, please respond to aaron(at) and let us know what days you are able to pitch in. We will be assigning groups to specific tasks in order to get this done in the three days we have the dumpster, so please let us know if there is specific work you are able/unable to do.

Many thanks for your help and looking forward to a productive weekend.


President of the New West 123rd Street Block Association

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