First meeting scheduled for 2015

Our first Block Association meeting of 2014 is scheduled for Wednesday, March 18th at Ephesus Church at 7pm, 101 West 123rd street.  The entrance is on 123rd St. and there will be signs posted around the block and on the garden message board.

At this meeting we will be collecting dues for 2015. Please remember that member dues are the primary source of funding for all BA and garden activities.  We ask all of our new and returning members to pay dues for both the Block Association and Garden so that we can get a financial jumpstart on this year’s activities.

Starting in April, the garden will be fully functioning and open to the entire communityand general public. We look forward to sharing all the amazing work that our members, friends and neighbors contributed to bringing the garden back to life after it was destroyed in 2012.

As a reminder, we have included portions of the BA and Garden Bylaws for your review.

A Note on Garden Boxes
Please note that we will be starting fresh with box holders in 2015. If you were a previous box holder, you will need to pay your dues and add your name to a list of those interested in planting this season, along with those who are new to the garden or have never had a box. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Sign up at the BA meeting on 3/18 at 7pm
  • Email by March 30, 2015
  • Call or text 917.837.8373 with your name and contact details by March30, 2015

If you would like to plant in a garden box this season, you must add your name to the interest list by March 30, 2014.

On March 30th we will tally the members interested in a garden box and if there are enough boxes to accommodate all interested members, we will assign a half box to each family/individual. If there is more interest then boxes available, it is likely we will conduct a lottery for the boxes.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday the 18th the BA meeting and are excited to get our member involved in all the block activities.

Block Association Membership

All residents of the block are automatically considered “General Members” of the BA.
General Members are invited to become “Members in Good Standing” if they agree to subscribe to the Bylaws and have fully paid their membership dues. Only Members in Good Standing can vote on election of Officers and amendments to the Bylaws.
Annual membership dues for the calendar year 2015 are set at $25 per household or individual. This rate will be reviewed annually and approved by a majority vote of the Board. Membership dues must be paid in full (and not on a pro-rata basis).
Each Member in Good Standing is entitled to one vote per issue brought in front of the Board of Directors during monthly BA meetings.  Members must be present at meetings to cast a ballot.

Garden Membership
Garden Memberships are available to any households and individuals who agree to subscribe to the Garden Bylaws and abide by GreenThumb regulations (both of which will be made available and must be signed as part of Membership agreement).  Membership dues are $20 per year, paid no later than March 30th of each calendar year or upon joining.
Vegetable or flower boxes are available to any interested Garden Member in Good Standing and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

President of the New West 123rd St. Block Association

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