Garden Rebuild Update 4.23.2013

Con Edison is currently working in front of the garden updating the power grid. During the upgrade process, Con Ed uncovered a sewage problem that must also be repaired. The work is schedule to be completed on 4/26/2013. After the completion of this work, Parks will resume the garden rebuild process.

Two weeks ago Parks delivered soil to level out the pitch of the garden. After Con Ed has finished their work, Parks will return to install the fence that separates the garden space from the plot directly to the east, from which the building collapsed onto the garden. They will also install the stone paths. Continue reading

Minutes from 5.18.11 New 123rd Street Block Association & Community Garden Meeting


Took attendance and introduced the Board of Directors. Noted Aaron Albano’s acting as President in Jackie Albano’s absence and the addition of Kendra Sykes as Secretary.

Block Association Finances and Other News from the Treasury

  • Aaron Albano spoke about the bulletin board that was recently received to embellish the Community Garden. It was initially the wrong size, but he sent it back and received the correct size soon after. Plans to have someone help with the cement part of putting up the board and because this will be a big job, it will be a deduction from the Block Association’s bank account.
  • As of May 18th, 2011 there are 16 Block Association Members and 29 active members of the Garden.
  • Aaron Albano also spoke about working on a Kickstarter campaign for the Community Garden gate. After explaining what makes a Kickstarter campaign successful, he mentioned that we could also get local businesses to match whatever the Block Association fund raises. We will need between $6,000 and $8,000 to ensure we can pay for the entire job. Plans to have more information about the gate at the next meeting.

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Minutes from 4.20.11 New 123rd Street Block Association & Community Garden Meeting



  • Took attendance and greeting from JA and introduction of new members Ken Carrington, Carrie Walker and Andrew Hume

Block Association finances and other news from the Treasury

  • Aaron Albano spoke about the Heritage Rose project and encouraged more members to contribute as we are paid up on the roses but still need $$ for mulching etc.
  • The message board has been ordered and will be paid for when it ships.   We should be getting it very shortly.
  • Some new members were recruited.
  • As of March 23, 2011, the BA account held $1,832.47
  • Also spoke of the need to move forward with the fixing/replacement of the fence and gate to the garden, estimates ranging from 4-8K.  Asked for the members help in getting more info and/or help in getting grants or contacting people in the business who might be able to help

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Welcome to West 123rd Street!

Here you’ll be able to find answers to most of your questions about the New West 123rd Street Block Association and the block’s Community Garden.  You can find out about ongoing projects, special events and links important resources in New York City.  Please email us with suggestions about how to make this website and our garden a better place!